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Gallery 2009

Galleries 2009

Baby Fairy Demien Gallery

Baby Faerie Tina Gallery

Baby Faery Kia Gallery

Baby Faireis Ike and Ayan Gallery

Baby Fairy Nino and Spino (mon ami) Gallery

Nutella Fairy Gallery

Baby Faerie Pen & Acorn Gallery

Baby Faery Lilin Gallery

Baby Faerie Milo hot chili pepper Gallery

All my sculptures are sculpted entirely by hand without the use of molds. For this reason, each has the facial expression that is proper and the size is always different from the previous one as it is from the next. The details are essential for me to consider "finished" the entire sculpture. In order of importance, the face, followed by the hands, feet and position, are the focus of my attention that, as the finished work, the sculpture is harmonious whole. For this reason, I myself realize that I use my eyes: always in polymer clay, with a special technique of cooking and color, before the sculpture of the thumbnail and where they are incorporated during processing of facial features. With regard to the decorations for finishing and the completion of the sculpture, open roads convoluted ...! The variety of materials is very wide, I personally prefer to use natural products.

Baby Faeries Gallery
Little Fae Mabel
Little Fairy Fae Mabel and the Blackberries Gallery
December 2010
Kilian and the Sled
Baby Fairy Tale Kilian and the Sled Gallery
December 2010
Mini Fae Liza
Mini Fae Liza Gallery
September 2010
Jack and the Flute
Fairy Pixi Jack and the Flute Gallery
August 2010
Little Fae Ania
Little Fae Ania Gallery
July 2010
Ambra Mini Pixie
Ambra mini Pixie Gallery
June 2010
Timmy and Tales of Ghost
Timmy and Tales of Ghosts Gallery
May 2010
Nutellina Fairy
Nutellina Fairy Gallery
May 2010
Jacques and Wasp
Baby Fairie Jacques and Wasp Gallery
March 2010
Inky and the Inkwell
Baby Fairie Pixi Inky and the inkwell Gallery
March 2010
Baby Faerie Elf Tippy
Baby Faerie Elf Tippy the apprentice Tailor and the needle in the haystack
March 2010
Violet and Mouse
Baby Faerie Violet and Mouse Gallery
February 2010
Baby Fae Valery
Baby Fae Valery Gallery
January 2010
Ten Baby Prince
Ten Baby Prince Gallery
January 2010


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